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Kit d’Isolation Haute Performance pour des Maisons Modernes et Économiques

Interior Design

Interior Design

Round Home gathered a group of professionals to facilitate the construction and layout of your kit.

These partners have been working on the project and can offer now for solutions concerning both the interior design as joinery or ventilation of your dome.

You can find various ideas in each category of facilities or arrangements.

DESIGN             FRAMES & VMC

Modern and economic


About RondHome

Fruit of travel and discovery, the idea of making modern houses, ecological, and at a competitive price is achieved in the Rondhome insulation kits.Your future home will meet the most demanding standards in terms of environment.

Original and to give free rein to your imagination as to the final form and layout of your home, Rondhome insulation kits are available in a very short time.Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs or your project.

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