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Kit d’Isolation Haute Performance pour des Maisons Modernes et Économiques

In form your Dome withstand the most extreme weather conditions.

Your Dome is designed polyurethane foam density of 250 millimeters thick.

This gives a better insulation that exists on the market.

Echange de chaleur

Echange de chaleur





What benefits?

1) Your home is stable and resistant

2) It has a high-performance insulation by material

3) It is produced by our teams in record time (no more than a few weeks) and can be placed in such a short time

4) Because of our construction methods, energy footprint is minimal

5) It is flexible according to your desires

6) All for a fraction of the cost

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Study by 3IA – Ingénierie du Bâtiment – Auxerre 89000

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