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Kit d’Isolation Haute Performance pour des Maisons Modernes et Économiques


Independants modules

Your dome is delivered in kit made of 16 units for walls and 2 units for roof. They can be set differently and being multiplied as you want.

As a result, you can choose the number of windows, doors, veranda that you want.

The set-up is made through assembly all units together.

eclate_15-06-15_001 eclate_15-06-15_003


Module Window

module fenetre 1 module fenetre 2 module fenetre 3

Module Bay window

baie_vitre_1_ baie_vitre_2_ baie_vitre_3_

Module Full

module plein 1 module plein 2 module plein 3

Module Roof

module toit 1 module toit 2

Module Door

module porte 1 module porte 3

Modern and economic


About RondHome

Fruit of travel and discovery, the idea of making modern houses, ecological, and at a competitive price is achieved in the Rondhome insulation kits.Your future home will meet the most demanding standards in terms of environment.

Original and to give free rein to your imagination as to the final form and layout of your home, Rondhome insulation kits are available in a very short time.Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs or your project.


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