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Kit d’Isolation Haute Performance pour des Maisons Modernes et Économiques




Assembly kit, made of reinforced polyurethane foam autoclave modules constituting a permanent formwork playing the role of high performance insulation and including openings for doors and windows.


* 16 facade modules with either:

Large Window Module (= 2 Full Module)

Minimum 4 full modules per kit


2 days


Outside diameter: 11 m
Internal Diameter: 10.50 m
Overall Height (center): 4.25 m
interior height (center): 4 m
Thickness: 250 mm

Polyurethane foam injection and Projection

Density: 45 kg / m3

thermal conductivity: 0.025 W / m ° K

Thermal Coefficient: R10

Certifications assujéties) polyruréthane foam:

Certification mousse



Like any insulation, the whole kit should be landlocked. Outdoors in a web of fiber reinforced concrete and projected, in interior projection of a mineral coating.

Modern and Economic 


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Fruit of travel and discovery, the idea of making modern houses, ecological, and at a competitive price is achieved in the Rondhome insulation kits. Your future home will meet the most demanding standards in terms of environment.

Original and to give free rein to your imagination as to the final form and layout of your home, Rondhome insulation kits are available in a very short time.Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs or your project.

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