Rond Home

Kit d’Isolation Haute Performance pour des Maisons Modernes et Économiques

Rond’Home company specializes in manufacturing modules with high density polyurethane foam in order to develop houses or public buildings at competitive prices.

Indeed, because of their high insulating capacity, ecological forms, but especially for their production costs, the Rond’home insulation kits are among the cheapest in the market and allow you up to 40% savings your final construction.

Each dome has a diameter of 11 meters which represents an area of 86 sqm.

Our insulation kits are modular and be multiplied at will, allowing you to have a unique house and especially that suits you.

On the other hand, the Rond’home module system allows an incredible time saver, there or we put up to 1 year to build a traditional house, with Rond’home build your house in two months.

innovative  Green  Economic



About RondHome
Fruit of travel and discovery, the idea of making modern houses, ecological, and at a competitive price is achieved in the Rondhome insulation kits.
Your future home will meet the most demanding standards in terms of environment.
Original and to give free rein to your imagination as to the final form and layout of your home, Rondhome insulation kits are available in a very short time.
Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs or your project.



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Design, economic and ecological.

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